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If you would like to learn how to record music in your own home using software such as Cubase and Reason. Learn about effects, EQ and various techniques to get a professional sound for your recording.



  • Equalisation EQ bands and their musical relevance
  • Microphones & Recording. Mic types, techniques and positioning for vocal, guitar and instrumental recording
  • Effects. Compression, reverb, delay, chorus, flanging & pitch shifting
  • Programming. Programming drum and synth phrases using a built-in drum machine and sequencer
  • Synthesis. Envelopes, filters, oscillators and creating new sounds with a built-in synthesiser
  • Sampling. Sampling and editing loops and creating new sounds
  • Sequencing & Editing. Sequencing each of the above parts into an arrangement, effectively turning your PC into a multi-track recorder
  • Mixing & Effects. Achieving the all-important final mix, using built-in mixers, effects units and dynamic processors

 If you are sitting the Music technology section of the Leaving Cert I can help you with Sibelius and Muse Score software.


Essential for anyone interested in recording music at home.

D. Fox

I enjoyed finding my way around new programmes and learning how to use them.

H. Keane

With a Licentiate diploma from Trinity College London in Classical Guitar performance Francis can help you achieve success in your grade exams.

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Acoustic Guitar

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Electric Guitar

Learn how to record music in your own home using software such as Cubase and Reason. Get a professional sound using effects and EQ.

Music Technology

All aspects of Leaving Cert Music covered, from music theory to preparation for the practical and technology parts of the exam.

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